Hungarian Specialties

Hungarian tapas plate1.990.-
Patée of duck foie gras Home style with brioche2.290.-
Smoked trout with fresh salad1.990.-
Petite marmite990.-
Cup of Goulash soup990.-
Soup of the day890.-
Hot Starters
Hungarian ratatouille with sausage1.890.-
Foie gras Tokaj style with apples2.690.-
Hungarian crayfish in pastry crust1.690.-
Roast sheep cheese with mixed salads1.690.-
Main Dishes
Chicken breast seasoned with rosemary, spinach steamed with garlic and white wine2.290.-
Chicken breast and sheep cheese wrapped in herbs and ham2.890.-
Chicken breast with fairy ring mushrooms and pearl onions2.890.-
Roasted duck breast with forest mushrooms and "dödölle"3.290.-
Pork cutlet Kalocsa style with potato tortilla2.890.-
Neck of Mangalica pork with roasted potatoe noodles, red onion salad and home made mixed pickles3.290.-
Veal ragout Hungarian style with egg dumplings2.990.-
Veal medaillons "Kedvessy" style4.490.-
Escalope Viennese with potatoe salad3.290.-
Sirloin steak Hungarian style2.990.-
Sirloin steak "Old Cook" style with foie gras and asparagus3.590.-
Steak with morels and foie gras with red wine sauce5.490.-
Fillet of beef Budapest style with Hungarian ratatouille and foie gras5.490.-
Leg of rabbit "Esterházy" style, baked in a clay pot3.690.-
Knuckle of lamb "Jóasszony" style3.690.-
Lamb chop Udvarhelyi style with fennel and string beans4.990.-
Roast fillet of pike-perche with crayfish sauce3.890.-
Roast catfish with paprika sauce and pasta ricotta Hungarian style3.290.-
Roasted trout of Szilvásvárad2.990.-
Roasted foie gras with wild mushrooms and Cognac ragout4.990.-
Pancake Gundel style890.-
Milk cake890.-
Sponge cake Somló style890.-